Consultancy Services

Since its formation in 2003, Alphecca Systems has provided technical consultancy to a number of metocean survey companies and instrumentation suppliers.
Alphecca Systems has also performed fieldwork in many parts of the world on a contractor basis for many different clients.

Technical Consulting

Alphecca Systems has provided technical consultancy to a number of companies, often involving communication between different instruments or the design of specialist measurement devices.
Some examples of such design projects include:
  • A system to measure and analyse very short period (less than one second) waves resulting from boat wakes
  • A remote system that would allow an autonomous surface vessel to automatically download data from an instrument mounted on an unmanned offshore structure.
  • Software to allow web clients to access a single remote instrument connected to the internet using the GSM network and VPN connection
  • A buoy mounted system to accept measurements from an RDI ADCP, compress it and deliver to a server using Iridium Short Burst Data

Fieldwork Contracting

Alphecca Systems have worked in many parts of the world, providing specialist metocean fieldwork on a contract basis.
Such fieldwork has often been provided when client companies are short-staffed, or where particular expertise has been required.
Locations where Alphecca Systems have provided fieldwork include Nigeria, Republic of Guinea, China, Myanmar, UK, Norway, Khazakstan and Yemen.
Projects have typically involved large, multi-disciplinary metocean surveys with a many types of different instrument.