ARTEMeS Light - a brief description

ARTEMeS Light is a reduced scope version of the full ARTEMeS system which has been designed to allow existing instrument acquisition programs to leverage the displays and data access facilities of the full system.

The "Light" version is licensed for installation on local computers, to display data from a single location only.
ARTEMeS Light comprises a web/application server with a software interface to that reads data files written by other applications outside the ARTEMeS architecture, instead of the relational database. This allows data from other acquisition systems to be accessed using the ARTEMeS displays and web interface.
It is also possible to provide an interface to another database or storage architecture.

The ARTEMeS Light displays themselves are identical to those of the full system.

A typical application for ARTEMeS Light could be where a legacy weather station at a remote Gas Pumping facility is controlled by a Windows program that stores data to ASCII comma-separated files. ARTEMeS light may be installed on the same computer, or another connected to it via a short network cable.

For more information about ARTEMeS Light, please contact Alphecca Systems directly.