ARTEMeS Service - a brief description

ARTEMeS is a large distributed application that was designed from the outset to utilise the Internet to communicate between the many components.
ARTEMeS is normally provided as a service to clients using an extremely high-spec dedicated server housed in one of the UK's largest commercial data centres.
The data centre guarantees the reliability of network and power supply availability.
During the period 2008-2014 an up time of 99.97% was achieved, representing a total loss of 14 hours due to network or power supply failure.

The ARTEMeS Server comprises an industrial relational database; a web/application server and a large number of server components developed by Alphecca Systems. In operation all data enters and exits the server via the Internet.

The management of all data and server components is performed by Alphecca Systems; leaving only the inspection and downloading of data to be managed by the client.
All acquired data remains the property of the client at all times.

Instruments are normally connected to the Internet using a variety of mechanisms including intelligent modems, PCs and microcontrollers. Measurements from the instruments are normally processed according to some appropriate algorithm and then delivered to the server for acquisition.
Other systems are able to acquire to the ARTEMeS server using FTP, SMS, Iridium SBD or any number of other mechanisms.

Once stored in the server, data may be accessed using many different methods including interactive graphics or static images; RSS; XML; XSL transformation and PC applications. An Android app is currently under development.

For more information about the ARTEMeS Service, please contact Alphecca Systems directly.